Electromagnetic Holidays

Are you getting your children more EMF for Christmas?!? You may want to consider this…

I know I said I’d discuss more amino acids and calming remedies this month, but you may have to stay tuned a little longer. I was visiting my family in Minnesota this weekend and was a bit appalled at all the electromagnetic radiation/frequency (EMR/EMF) involved in all the holiday wish lists and deals. I found myself in a home with several televisions, multiple computers, at least 4 smart phones and countless other EMF emitting devices. Now, I’m aware that I choose to live my life with more minimalist approach (for example, I don’t have a TV), and I could also write essays on the amount of “excess” in this nation, neither of those issues are what I’m addressing here.

There are now studies showing that due to the exorbitant amount of EMF we (standard Americans) are exposed to, people are actually experiencing withdrawal symptoms when eliminating EMF exposures. I’m not just talking about the “oh, I can’t live without my smart phone,” or “I NEED the internet,” but these studies are showing physical and neurological withdrawal symptoms similar to those of an alcoholic or heroin user. This effect was even displayed in toddlers! (1) We are actually ADDICTED to it.

What’s scarier is that we also have studies correlating diseases such as diabetes and obesity to EMF exposure, along with an increased risk of cancer and neurobehavioral disease. (2) We also have studies suggesting EMF damage to sperm (ex: male that sits his laptop on his lap) is linked to miscarriage in early pregnancy. (3) Infants and children are especially susceptible to EMF as they are physically smaller, meaning the EMF damaging wavelengths can penetrate further into their bodies, potentially causing irreparable damage.(4)

Anecdotally, I have a colleague who is treating a small child for severe ADD/ADHD bordering on autistic behaviors. The child’s parent had tried a multitude of approaches to help the child. It wasn’t until the family took a trip to the boundary waters area in northern Minnesota (meaning very minimal EMF exposure) that the child’s behavioral problem completely corrected. This lasted until the family returned to their home, which happened to have Wi-Fi and be full of EMF emitting devices. After discussing this phenomenon with my colleague, per his recommendation, the family turned off the Wi-Fi and made strides to reduce the EMF in their household. The child’s behavior significantly improved.

Unfortunately, EMF is all around us. We cannot escape it. However, there are some things we can do to reduce/minimize our exposures:

1.     Wi-Fi. If you have Wi-Fi in your home, consider turning it off at night (simply unplug it) or better yet, consider using a cable modem.
2.     Cordless phones. If you have a landline phone, consider using a corded phone. I know this sounds crazy, but cordless phones/receivers are very high emitters of EMF.
3.     Smart phones. DON’T sleep with it next to your head. Smart phones have been shown to emit EMF up to 15 feet away! At minimum, put it in airplane mode while you sleep. Also, best to not carry your phone in your pocket; carrying it in a bag/purse/etc would be a better choice.
4.     Baby Monitors. These are especially bad, and considering we place them next to a sleeping baby – even worse. If possible, just don’t use it!
5.     Unplug as much as possible when not using things. Cell phone chargers are known to transmit EMF even if not connected to a phone! They also will continue to use electricity, so you will also save money by unplugging.
6.     Smart Meters. These are devices that some cities install to auto-read your electricity usage. They are bad as far as the EMF output into your home. You have the choice to “opt out” of their use on your home. You may have to pay a fee to do so, but your health is probably worth it.
7.     Don’t sit with your laptop on your lap. I am trying not to be a hypocrite here. A desktop computer with a corded keyboard/mouse (not wireless) is better, though completely outdated (as are the corded phones above).
8.     Consider decreasing the number of electronics, especially Wi-Fi connecting electronics in your home.
9.     Learn to “ground” yourself. In addition to negative health effects, overexposure to EMF can leave someone “buzzing” or not feeling themselves. Grounding, means connecting to the Earth’s electromagnetic field (same concept as a grounded electrical outlet in your home). Grounding your person can help reduce anxiety, regulate heart rhythms, improve sleep and promote better health. There are several “devices” that you can purchase to help ground; however, I recommend simply getting outside and planting your feet (preferably bare feet) on the earth (pavement doesn’t count). For those inner-city dwellers and those in winter climates, walking barefoot outside might not be an option… I have a friend who actually has a tray of dirt/earth inside his house and he makes a point to stand in it! Try it! You might find yourself (and your home) in a healthy grounded state!
1. Mary Cordaro, Healthy Building and Indoor Air Quality Consultant. Live seminar.
2. Rev Environ Health. 2013 Nov 27:1-14.Human disease resulting from exposure to electromagnetic fields. Carpenter DO.
3 Laptop computers with Wi-Fi decrease human sperm motility and increase sperm DNA fragmentation. Doré JF, Chignol MC. 2012 Apr;97(4):e12
4. Pediatrics, Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Vol. 116, No. 2 August 2005, pp. 303-313.

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