How is your L-Tryptophan made?

As with nearly all amino acids that are produced for food or medicine, Lidtke L-Tryptophan is made by a natural fermentation process. It may seem surprising, but it would actually be much more expensive to make L-Tryptophan by synthetic methods, and it would be even more expensive to extract it from common foods. Some companies, looking for the least expensive L-Tryptophan possible, have used L-Tryptophan that is extracted from Southeast Asian duck feathers.

Of course, new technologies keep changing, and someone may find an inexpensive way to make L-Tryptophan by another method, but we at Lidtke are happy with the extraordinary purity of our naturally produced L-Tryptophan.  In any case, sophisticated purification methods must be used to ensure a product’s safety, and if they are not used, it will show up in chromatograms and other methods of testing for quality. These purification procedures are expensive, and they are one of the reasons better quality products may cost more. We could pay one-third as much as we do for ingredients, but it has not been our choice to do so.

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