Why don't other companies have the HCl-form of Lysine, and why is it unique?

    Since 1955, Lysine HCl has become the most popular and virtually universal form of Lysine on the market in both foods, feeds, and supplements. The Lysine molecule by itself is fairly alkaline and carries a positive charge. In other words, Lysine will react readily with atoms or molecules carrying a negative charge. HCl (monohydrochloride) stabilizes Lysine (the same HCl, stomach acid, produced by your stomach, by the way) so it does not react randomly, and the HCl gives Lysine a more neutral pH.

    Lidtke Lysine HCl, we believe, is unique in it's purity, but it is not unique in terms of the HCl. When it comes to labeling, we strive to be full disclosure, so we include "HCl". Some companies simply leave it off their label or may not be aware of the correct molecular formula of the ingredient.

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