Does EndorphiGen compete or interfere with the extract of saffron?

    First, we should bear in mind that herbs typically contain hundreds of chemical compounds, many of which have not been identified. For this reason, no one fully understands how these compounds interact with one another or with other foods or supplements.

    The short answer to the question is that no clinical trial has been conducted combining EndorphiGen with saffron. Not long ago, the director of a nationally-known laboratory was lamenting the fact that even though standardized "marker compounds" have been agreed upon for some herbs, typically there is no proof that the marker compound is the most active ingredient, and, in general, not much is known about how herbal remedies work. He continued to say that in many cases laboratories could be standardizing on the wrong compound. The question is important, but the answer very complex.

    We generally advise taking EndorphiGen apart from meals or supplements that could interfere. It is good, as well, to check with your health-care practitioner in case he or she knows of any adverse reaction. After all, only a small part of human knowledge makes it's way into journals or books.

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