I am wondering about the amount of Vitamin A in Cleanse & Build.

Hello, Thank you for wonderful products.  I love them and have used them for years.  I have your "Cleanse and Build" product and am wondering about the amount of vitamin A.

Hello Avis, Thank you very much for your question.

You may notice that the amounts of the ingredients in Cleanse & Build do not mirror the FDA RDA. The reason, of course, is that the RDA has very little to do with restoring and maintaining good health. In fact, the premise of the FDA RDA seems to be that supplements are unnecessary. Hence, all the RDA limits are intentionally made as low as possible to make it seem like common foods are all you need. No effort is made to identify optimal levels of nutrients.

Personally, I have never met or even heard of an expert in the field of clinical nutrition who agrees with that premise.

With regard to the amount of vitamin A in Cleanse & Build, we feel that an even larger amount would be beneficial in the advent of acute illness.  Keep in mind that the vitamin A content in Cleanse & Build is in a water soluble form, which is much less prone to storage in the body than oil soluble forms. Also, the Beta Carotene in Cleanse & Build, even though it is measured in vitamin A units, is a precursor to vitamin A that is converted to vitamin A as needed by your body.

People who drink carrot juice, for example, obtain many, many times more vitamin A in the form of Beta Carotene in their diet, often with significant health benefits. Carrot juice drinkers absorb so much Beta Carotene, in fact, that their skin often begins to turn a bit orange from all the stored Beta Carotene.

There is no harm from this, and it probably improves your health. I have been in the natural health field for nearly forty years, and I have known many robust individuals in excellent health with slightly orange skin from all the Beta Carotene they were getting in their diet.

I might also mention that small amounts of other Carotenoids: Alpha Carotene, Lutein, and Lycopene are in Cleanse & Build, and the most likely enhancement to our formula in the future will be to include even larger levels of these beneficial Carotenoids. They have been shown to enhance the health of your eyes, skin and overall immunity.

I hope this information is helpful, and if we can help in any further way, please feel free to let us know.

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