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It is well-known that purity standards for the amino
acids, particularly L-tryptophan, are far higher in
Europe than in the rest of the world. The Europeans
take safety seriously, as we do at Lidtke. The European
standards not only require testing for known toxins that
are ignored in other major countries, but European
standards place lower limits on contaminants, overall.
Clearly, official standards for purity around the world
are not all the same - not even close.
From our beginning in 1994, it has been our crusade
to meet the highest standards in the world. We question
everything, and we look beneath the surface. The
world keeps changing, it is true, but that is our challenge;
that is our job: to stand between you, our customer,
and the nearly incomprehensible chaos of the
world, to maintain quality controls that we can depend
on, and to look out for your interests, your safety and
your health.
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