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Mood Support

From stress to nutrient deficiencies, there are a myriad of different factors that can influence your mood. But no matter what the origin, serotonin deficiency is often involved in symptoms of mood imbalance.

We offer L-Tryptophan, 5 HTP and P-5-P products, while L-Tryptophan Complete offers co-factors and other nutrients including P-5-P that help contribute to well-being and a superior mood above l-tryptophan alone.*

Our L-Tryptophan products support the relief of symptoms including irritability, aggression, dark moods, cravings for carbohydrates, poor sleep, and sleep disturbance.* L-Tryptophan not only converts into serotonin, but also niacin, which has a calming affect on the body.* For this reason, many customers prefer our L-Tryptophan over 5 HTP.

L-tryptophan requires an extra conversion process before it becomes serotonin, and 5-HTP converts to serotonin directly. Certain individuals lack the co-factors needed to convert enough L-Tryptophan into serotonin and may benefit more from 5-HTP.* Everyone responds differently.

We also offer P-5-P (Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate) to ensure you have everything you need to help boost your mood.* P-5-P is the enzymatic form of Vitamin B6, necessary for the production of serotonin and hundreds of other cellular processes in the body. A Vitamin B6 deficiency can result in mood imbalance and suboptimal health.

L-Tryptophan Complete™ includes carefully selected nutrients to support the optimize the conversion of l-tryptophan into serotonin. Many people today are drastically deficient in Vitamins B, C, Magnesium and Lysine, all important nutrients involved in mood regulation and overall health. Curcumin is also a potent anti-inflammatory, making L-Tryptophan Complete™ a powerful product in combating mood imbalance.

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