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Pain Relief

The main function of our body's pain response system is to attract our attention to danger, so we can avoid it or alleviate it. So, essentially, pain is our friend. But living with pain can be extremely bothersome.

Whether you are dealing with reoccurring bouts of pain or simply minor aches, we offer several products to help you manage your symptoms and live your best life possible.*

best selling pain relief product

EndorphiGen is our best selling pain relief product in this category. It is a unique blend of B vitamins and D-Phenylalanine that promotes your body's own endorphins.* A deficiency in endorphins is associated with pain†, mood imbalance and different types of aches†.* EndorphiGen can help manage symptoms associated with endorphin deficiency.*

joint comfort supplementArthroCare is a product designed to promote joint comfort, flexibility, easy movement, joint and connective tissue strength.* It's blending of 100% natural Vitamin C from rosehips, fully reacted Albion minerals, chondroitin sulfate (over 1 gram per serving!), and more, is perfect for relieving joint pain.* The ingredients it contains are crucial for bone and connective tissue health. ArthroCare is also free of glucosamine that can aggravate symptoms in sugar-sensitive individuals.*

non-GMO L-GlutamineOur L-Glutamine products helps manage symptoms of acid reflux, GI tract and bladder sensitivity.*

If you experience the symptoms of stinging and burning associated with any of these painful conditions, Lidtke L-Glutamine is an excellent choice for you.* L-Glutamine helps soothe inflammation of the mucosal lining in several areas in the body.* Our costumers are surprised a natural amino acid, like L-Glutamine can be so effective.*

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