Mood, Sleep & Relaxation

I ran into a small store in Thatcher, AZ and found your product. I normally used another brand of Tryptophan and they were out. So I bought yours.

I tried it and I am hooked! This stuff works great!

Marija Chandler - Gilbert, Arizona

I recently purchased a bottle of your 5-htp, and I'm extremely pleased; it is very effective.

Have a wonderful day!


My naturopath prescribed MemorEase for me. I have tried many other products including valerian, rhodiola, melatonin and more. I take 1 MemorEase 3 times a day and I feel calmer overall when I take this. I don't know if it impacts my memory at all, if so great!

Pros: Fun color and easy to swallow....MOST OF ALL IT HELPS ME SLEEP!!

Wanda - Boston

I own a health food store and have my practice as a naturopathic doctor on the premises as well. A lady came into my store and asked "do you remember me?" I apologized and told her I did not. She said she was the one that had spoken to me about her husband not sleeping because he had shoulder surgery and could not work out any longer.

She stated that after taking the L-Tryptophan her husband was his old self again. She had taken her husband back to his doctor at Duke University. The doctor told her that her husband was not the same man as he had seen before and asked what had happened.

She told the doctor that he had been taking L-Tryptophan.

The doctor said "well you definitely made the right call for him, I would never have thought of a natural remedy for him." "Yes, he said again, you definitely made the right call." The lady told me I saved her husband's life.

Dr. Burkhart. N.D. - North Carolina

One day I read an article about how L-Tryptophan works for the brain. I immediately purchased it in the store and after a few weeks, I have noticed a great improvement!

I could fall asleep easily and stay asleep. Thanks to L-Tryptophan and to Lidtke who manufactures it!


One late evening when I had closed my store for the day, a young girl in her mid-20's was knocking on the front door. I unlocked the door for her and invited her in. She went on to explain to me that she was thinking about getting 5-HTP as she had read about it and thought it might help her.

I explained the difference to her between 5-HTP and L-Tryptophan and she decided to purchase the 5-HTP. She left with her 5-HTP and got into her car. A few minutes later she was knocking on the front door again.

She came in and said she sat in her car and thought about it and decided to take the L-Tryptophan instead of the 5-HTP, and would I mind exchanging the two. We made the exchange and she left.

One week later the young girl came back to see me. She told me that she was using the L-Tryptophan as instructed and now she was finally able to sleep and relax. She said "I want to thank you for saving my life." "That night in my car I was contemplating suicide." She asked me if I would have advised L-Tryptophan had I known she was thinking about committing suicide. I told her "yes, I would have still given you the same advice."

This young girl has been coming in to purchase L-Tryptophan now since Christmas, which makes it a little over 9 months.

Dr. Burkhart, N.D. - North Carolina

This particular formula [Tryptophan Complete] is wonderful, simply because you don't need to add the other minerals and supplements and guess at correct measurements and ratios.

About 30 - 45 minutes after swallowing a single capsule, I was so mellow. I felt such profound relaxation, a feeling of comforting warmth and well-being enveloped me from head to toe. I took a second capsule and carefully made my way to the bedroom, where I had the most gorgeous, luxurious sleep.

Tryptophan Complete almost immediately enveloped me in a sense of serenity and happiness. My mood was instantly uplifted from irritable and stressed to pleasant and dreamy.

This has been a consistent experience I've had with this brand and formulation. You simply have to try it to believe it!

Raven - Mohave County, Arizona

This product [Tryptophan Complete] is amazing for helping with mood and sleep. We started small and gradually increased to the recommended dose. The fact that Lidtke has researched this product to make sure we get the best quality and the necessary cofactors and coenzymes makes all the difference in how this tryptophan works!

We gave it a few weeks and there is an noticeable difference.

Occasional Minor Joint and Back Pain, Joint Support & Nutrition

I find I cannot live well without your product. I notice overall well-being with the use of L-Tryptophan.

Daphne H. - Myrtle Creek, Oregon

I have always been an active person. I grew up on a farm, worked for the U.S. Forest Service as a firefighter, and participated in lots of athletics. But as I neared 40 years of age I started to notice that my activities were taking their toll on my joints, especially my knees. Now I like to bike and run, both of which leave me with sore knees.

Last year I tried your ArthroCare product and soon noticed an improvement. Before using ArthroCare it was painful for me to kneel or squat because of the swelling in my knees, but after a few weeks on your product I experienced a marked improvement.

After taking all the capsules in my ArthroCare bottle, I wanted to continue the process so I purchased another brand of a similar product from a national retailer. After paying a much higher price for less capsules and taking them faithfully I am experiencing sore knees again.

I don't know what you put in that stuff but I know it worked for me. Please send me a new bottle of ArthroCare ASAP; my knees thank you in advance!

Russell P. - Kansas City, Missouri

EndorphiGen smoothes out my mood, and I continue to take Endorphigen to this day.

In addition, the service at Lidtke is fabulous...they are always right on top of it. They're the best!

J Berndt - Sun City West, Arizona
Healthy Blood Sugar & Heart Health

Hi, my name is Betty Wells and I am the store manager of a health food store called Healthy Living located in Avon Park, FL. I have been working with Lidtke Technologies since March of 2007. In March of 2008, I decided to bring their product Glycotrol into my store, with hope that it would benefit my customers.

Right away, my customers started purchasing the product and time after time, they shared their good responses with me.

In almost 2 years of time, I have sold over 330 bottles and have had many customers tell me that they have been able to get off various other products. Glycotrol is now my best seller in the store and I love the fact that my customers are seeing tremendous results!!!

Please stop in and visit the store if you are in the area!


I personally decided to put Lidtke Technologies product, GlycoTrol, to the test.

At dinner time, she took the GlycoTrol sample five minutes before eating the other half of the exact same sandwich, as directed. We then checked her blood sugar level about 30 minutes after eating.

Thank you for being true about your product. It really worked.

Geoff Speed - Paducah, Kentucky
Weight Loss, Appetite, Cravings

I read about L-Tryptophan from a Dr's Newsletter....he gave your web site address saying if you want to purchase it to buy it either from him or from Lidtke because it would be pure.

When I started reading your article, I decided to try your brand with vitamin B6 like you recommend. I must say I was a little scared, because I don't take anything other than vitamins....

I took two capsules of vitamin B6 and went to bed...... it's been two weeks now, and I have total control of food, it doesn't control me anymore. It works for me.

Marian M. - Northern California
Digestive Support

The girl that introduced me to Lidtke L-Glutamine, her Doctor had recommended it to her, so I thought I would try it. I ordered L-Glutamine from Lidtke and took two full jars of it.

The Gastroenterologist was really surprised and pleased, to say the least.

I highly recommend Lidtke L-Glutamine!

Ann D. - California - 81 years old

We have a teaspoon of L-Glutamine each morning in a little water, before breakfast. This product is fantastic for the intestines, it works. We choose to take it everyday for the benefits of kidney and muscle health as well.

This is also one of the very best tasting and best quality that we have found. Bravo Lidtke!

Liver Cleansing, Detox, & Immune Support

People around me have noticed that I'm the only one not getting what they have. That's when I tell them about ViroCare.

I am 57 and can run circles around 30 year olds. I have tried lots of products but this is the one I will always take faithfully!

Jackie B. - Michigan

First time trying [Cleanse and Build]. Will use again. Nice supplement. First use. Used one month. Doesnt upset stomach like others. Like it better than another brand I tried.

Pros: No bad taste, no cramps, small, easy to swallow.

"Hopeful" - Arizona
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