Combat Stress 60 capsules
Soldiers experience night-time anxiety, poor sleep, or poor mood
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Combat Stress is the result of extensive research into the nutrients that produce and sustain serotonin levels, including nutritional cofactors that science and experience have shown work together to get the best results.

Lidtke Military is so convinced that you will find a new level of comfort in your sleep and in your day-to-day activities that we offer a 365-day no-hassle guarantee. Make the choice to rebuild your health and bring peace back into your life.

Homecoming for Paul and Ethan

Homecoming for Paul and Ethan

“Since 2008 after my first tour in the mountains of Afghanistan I have had severe diagnosable sleep problems and anxiety issues (you can use tension if you want). I have searched for and tried various methods and even medications to assist me in dealing with these concerns. However, nothing seemed to work, until I tried LIDTKE's Combat Stress. The first time I took the supplement was the first night in years I could sleep through the night. The following day I felt refreshed and relaxed, almost as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

“After spending a total of 18 months in a combat zone I can tell you from experience that clarity and peace of mind are two things you feel you will never have again. But with supplements (and my beautiful wife) I feel that I have taken back the parts of me I had lost so many years ago.


When you look back at the diet of prehistoric peoples, paleo-anthropologists tell us that the average intake of folic acid (not methylfolate) was approximately 5mg per day, far above the amount found in dietary supplements today.

Dr. Weston Price traveled the world visiting many tribes and groups of people who still consumed diets very similar to the diets common to ancient man. Almost without exception, those people were far healthier than those consuming a modern diet.

At Lidtke, we have searched far and wide for a form of folate that approximates the form found in the diet of ancient man. The best that we have found is the Organic Lemon Peel Extract which we now provide in all of our products that require folate. We see no contraindications for the use of this ingredient.

Methylfolate on the other hand may bypass our natural methylation feedback controls and may be contraindicated for a portion of the population who are prone to elevated methylation. Lidtke strives to benefit the widest population possible, and for this reason we have chosen to use our Organic Lemon Peel Extract as a source of folate.

We realize that some labels posted to the internet may be obsolete, and we are working to replace them with our most current labels.

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Combat Stress 60 capsules
This product contains no added gluten, yeast, wheat, soy, milk, dairy products, eggs, nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, sugar, perservatives, artificial color, or artificial flavor. Non-GMO.
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